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ResLife's welcome back to halls

By ResLifeComms 04 Jan 2024

We hope you had an amazing winter break and are ready for an epic start to 2024! 🌟 Get ready to dive back into the swing of things with our fantastic Welcome Back events happening from 15 to 20 January.

Wellbeing Tip for January 2024: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! 💦

Start the year refreshed and energized by making hydration a priority. Keep a water bottle handy during lectures and study sessions. Your mind and body will thank you! And why not make it even cooler by getting an LSE Water bottle or an LSE Keep Cup.

Welcome Back Events in halls

The School and Residential Life have planned a series of fun events you should get involved with. Check what the School and LSESU have organised on campus for you on the LSE website.

Here's what ResLife planned for you:


We know how much you all loved our Giveaway campaign in December, so we are bringing a really fun one for the start of the term! Wanna be the first to find out?

Get wearing your Halls Life Tote Bag!

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New year, new resolutions?

Whether you believe in the "New year, new me" or are against resolutions, let's kick off the term by setting positive intentions! Create your new year resolutions, or even better set yourself some new goals to achieve. Whether it's acing that tough class, making new friends, or embracing self-care, let's support each other in achieving our goals. 

Let’s make this term unforgettable! See you at our ResLife events, share your goals, and let's rock 2024 together! 🚀 #WelcomeBackHalls