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Our halls guest policy

By Halls 19 Aug 2023

Visits and overnight guests

All students must ensure they follow the LSE guest policy in place. 

Guests are not allowed during the first 14 nights of the Autumn Term. All students, including early arrivals aren't allowed guests until Sunday 1 October 2023. From Monday 2 October 2023 onwards guests are allowed following the student accommodation guest policy. If students would like guests to stay for a longer period, permission needs to be granted from your warden by emailing:

These general rules will apply:

  • One guest at a time
  • Overnight stays are permitted for up to three nights at a time. 
  • Longer stays need permission from the warden and your flatmates. Wardens can authorise guest stays of up to six nights in a fortnight.
  • If you're in a shared room, you must get your roommate's permission before inviting anyone to stay overnight - even if it's just for one night
  • If you live in a catered hall, your guest will need to pay £7 for their own meal if they are joining for dinner service. This can be paid at the reception desk.

All guests must sign in and out at reception. The reception team may require you and your guest to show identification whilst signing in guests.

We encourage you to speak with your guests before they arrive to ask them to follow the rules in place in your hall. As set out in the LSE Student Accommodation Disciplinary Code, your guest's behaviour is your responsibility and you will be held accountable for any misconduct offences they may commit.

Day guest policy


LSE Managed halls (Bankside House, Butler's Wharf, Carr-Saunders Hall, High Holborn, Passfield Hall or Rosebery Hall):

  • You are not allowed day guests (parents, friends, other students) or overnight guests. 

Third Party provider(Sidney Webb House, Westminster Bridge or Lilian Knowles House):

  • you are not allowed overnight guests, but you are allowed day guests.

The guest policy differs for Summer School residents, therefore Summer School stunts should consult their Accommodation Terms and Conditions.