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Quiet hours in LSE Halls

By Halls 25 Oct 2023

Living in LSE halls usually means you are somebody's neighbour! 

It is important to be aware of how much noise you are producing to prevent it from getting out of hand and unfairly annoying the people around you. In halls, noise levels must always be kept at a reasonable level but specifically during quiet hours which take place between 11:00 pm - 8:00 am. 

The usual suspects

It's pretty obvious the type of noises that are likely to cause a disturbance but if you're unsure of what to be aware of, here they are: 

  • Chatting too loud outside, especially as you return late at night from clubs
  • Music from speakers (volume and bass)
  • Dancing, stomping and jumping
  • Moving large furniture at night
  • Media on TV speakers

How to avoid disturbing others

  1. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the people living around you. They will not want to be woken up in the middle of the night or constantly distracted from studying the same way you wouldn't want any of those things.
  2. Occasionally time can get the better of you and suddenly you've slipped into quiet hours without realising. That's why it's good practice to keep checking the time against the level of volume.
  3. If you invite any friends over make sure they follow and respect the same rules as you are following, you will be held responsible too if they choose to break them.
  4. Check in with your neighbours, learn their habits and prewarn them if you are likely to be louder than normal. People tend to be a lot more understanding if you show them you're being considerate.

If you are disturbed by any loud noise and your requests for quiet are unsuccessful, please contact reception or the subwarden on duty. For contact details, see Contacts in halls of residence.