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Meet your Passfield Hall Team: Who Do You Need to Know?

By Halls 07 Sep 2023

One of the great things about living in halls is the number of people you’ll meet.  Whether you have a question, a parcel to collect or just want to say hello, the team at Passfield Hall is more than happy to help.

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Front of House team

The team is led by Rosa Gil, the Senior Operations Manager, and they look after the hall services you might need. The reception team will be your first point of call for everyday queries and support, lost keys or parcels.

Reception contact:

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Residential Life Officer

The RLO for Passfield Hall is Ju Jeong. Ju works closely with your hall management team, the pastoral team and the Hall Committee members to ensure that you will have a good student experience.

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Pastoral support team

Your hall has a team of students and staff who are here to help in case you need it. In Passfield, this consists of a warden and a team of subwardens. Together, they can provide initial help and guidance, help with flatmate issues as well helping you access other support services at the School or in the local community.

Your subwarden team consists of 4 subwardens. Each night there is a subwarden on duty, so don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need advice on any situation.

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Student Hall Committee 2022/23

Your hall committee if a group of Passfield residents that aim to develop a good sense of community and respectful environment by welcoming you at the start of the year, create fun activities and events, listen to your feedback and represent your hall at the Residences User Group to raise any concerns to the senior members of staff at LSE.

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