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Navigating the Laundry Maze in Halls: A Guide

By PaulineComms 19 Oct 2023

Being a student means juggling classes, assignments, and a bustling social life. Amidst all this chaos, doing laundry can feel like a whole new adventure. But no worries, fellow student! Here's your ultimate 9-steps guide to mastering the laundry system in student halls with a touch of student-specific wisdom:

  1. Get The Right App: Ensure you download the appropriate laundry app for your student hall, whether it's CircuitApp or Washstation. Refer to the instructions posted in your laundry room to learn how to top up your account with funds.
  2. Plan Your Laundry Schedule: Avoid the rush by planning your laundry days during off-peak hours. Typically, mornings and weekdays are less busy. Create a weekly laundry schedule to ensure you never run out of clean clothes.
  3. Sort Your Laundry: Sorting your laundry is crucial to prevent color bleeding and ensure proper cleaning. Sort by colors (whites, lights, darks) and fabric types (delicates, regular, heavy). Check the care labels on your clothes for washing instructions.
  4. Load Smart, Clean Smart: Fill your washing machine to a level between one-fourth and three-fourths full, with the optimal recommendation being halfway, for the best washing results. For the dryers, also make sure you clean the lint filter before and after use. 
  5. Be Mindful of Time: Respect the time limits posted in your laundry room. No one likes waiting for a machine because someone forgot their laundry. For instead, you could set a timer on your phone - especially since the timer on the apps are not the most accurate. 
  6. Be Patient!: Respect other people's laundry. Patience is not just a virtue; it's a laundry commandment. If you see someone else's laundry in the machine or dryer, resist the urge to remove it. Wait for the person to return and finish their laundry cycle. For instance, you could use the WhatsApp group to remind people in case someone's clothes have been there for a while. 
  7. The Midnight Run: f you're a night owl, consider doing laundry late at night. Chances are the laundry room will be empty, and you can take your time.
  8. Stain Hacks: Got a pizza sauce stain from last night's study session? Use toothpaste to tackle stains before tossing your clothes in the wash.
  9. All Hail the Wrinkle Release Spray: Hate ironing? Use wrinkle-release spray to smooth out those stubborn wrinkles, especially when you're in a hurry.

By following these tips and establishing a routine, you can navigate the laundry system in student halls efficiently and keep your clothes in excellent condition. Remember, doing laundry doesn't have to be a chore; it can be a quick and hassle-free task with a little planning and organization. Happy washing!