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London outdoor swimming venues

By Halls 20 Jul 2022

We all know the physical and mental benefits of exercise but open water/outdoor swimming has increased hugely in popularity due to the mental benefits.

The cold water is said to shock your body and help to reduce symptoms of anxiety and even depression along with producing those all-important endorphins, so we've picked out some of the best outdoor swimming venues in London.

West Reservoir
A bit chilly at this time of year but this is the swim that will make you feel most at one with nature and the most freedom!

The West Reservoir is located on 23 acres of water where you are free to swim or even enjoy some kayaking or sailing. As this is a large body of water we would recommend being a confident swimmer before you jump in.

Rating: 4/5 stars on a warm day, but if you want a challenge – go on a cold day
Cost: £11

Hampstead Heath Ponds
These ponds are iconic. There are three small ponds (mixed, ladies and men’s) situated in the heart of Hampstead Heath. Best for a leisurely breaststroke, rather than a workout 

The ponds are natural so the water isn’t entirely clear but don't let that put you off.

Rating: 3/5
Cost: £4.25

Oasis Covent Garden
Only 10-minutes away from campus and hidden away in Covent Garden, close to High Holborn hall of residence. Great for a short break from campus/ exam prep and its location and style is unique.

Rating: 3/5
Cost: £4.90

London Fields Lido
A personal favourite, this 50m lido is heated (!) and is situated in a beautiful East London Park, post-swim you can go to Broadway Market to pick-up breakfast (Pavilion Bakery for the best cinnamon buns in London) and then a walk along the Regent’s Canal to Islington or Victoria Park.

Overall, the best option for an outdoor swim in London.

Rating: 5/5
Cost: £5.40



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