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Buying vintage clothing at Brick Lane

By WardenLucia 12 Apr 2023

As one of the most vibrant fashion capitals, London offers a wide range of options for purchasing pre-loved vintage clothes! 

What does vintage clothing actually mean? Vintage is used to describe items that were made in the 1920s or later (but not later than 20 years before the present year). A lot of vintage shops also sell 'retro' items - which means they are designed in the style of vintage.

Brick Lane (and neighbouring Shoreditch area) in East London is the ultimate place to go for vintage clothing in the capital. Here are some highlights:

  • Rokit: The biggest vintage and second-hand clothing in the UK, they sell all sort of clothing and accessories at affordable prices. The original shop is in Camden Market, but they have opened stores in Brick Lane and Covent Garden.
  • Brick Lane Vintage Market: A mecca for the collector and the amateur, this market sells clothes from as far back as the 1920s. Lose yourself in the maze-like corridors that host tens of different stalls, each with its unique speciality. Don't be shy, try it on! On your way out, grab a snack at the nearby food market.
  • Atika: A well-known destination for bargain hunters and professional costume designers alike, Atika offers two floors of curated second-hand and vintage clothing and accessories for men and women, at a variety of price points. They also sell pieces of clothing reworked by independent artists and designers.