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Butler's Wharf FAQ

By Halls 05 Aug 2023

We're looking forward to welcoming you to halls very soon!

Before you arrive at your new home, we've put together all the FAQs we've been asked by students, from things you need to know before you move in, to what it's like living in London as a student.

Check them out below ⬇️

 Before you arrive 

What is the Online Induction for Butler's Wharf?

There is a mandatory induction for all residents which you must complete before , accessible through the student accommodation account.

Is there a WhatsApp group for the hall?


Yes, there is a WhatsApp group for Butler's Wharf residents you will be able to join before moving in.

It is an excellent way to get to know fellow students, share ideas, and receive updates on events.
You can join the WhatsApp group by clicking on the link provided I your online induction.

If I arrive before the contract start date, is it considered an early arrival?


Yes, any arrival before the contract start date is considered an early arrival.

Early arrivals may require an additional fee, so it's essential to book in advance.

Can I arrive before the contract start date?


Early arrivals before the contract start date are possible, but they may incur an additional fee.

Early arrival slots should be booked in advance, and availability may be limited.

What is the best way to travel from Heathrow Airport to Butler's Wharf?

The Elizabeth Line connects Heathrow to Tower Hill or London Bridge, taking approximately 40 minutes to arrive at the residence.

Can I bring my own electrical appliances, like a kettle?


Yes, residents can bring their personal appliances to use in the shared kitchen.

It is essential to communicate with flatmates regarding shared items to avoid misunderstandings.

What is provided in the room in terms of bedding?


The room comes with a mattress topper, duvet, and pillow.

Bedding covers (sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases) should be brought by the student.

Can I arrive after the contract start date?

Arriving after the contract start date is acceptable. Your room will be ready for your arrival.

Can I request to stay with a specific roommate?

If you have requested to stay with a specific roommate during the application process, the accommodation team will do their best to accommodate your request.

Can I pre-order items for my room before arrival?

Pre-ordering is possible, but items must be ordered to arrive after your check in day to the hal.

 Butler's Wharf specific 

Who are the members of the Halls Team at Butler's Wharf?

James: Head of Residential Life

Seema: Operations Manager

Julian: Senior Subwarden

Fabio: Residential Life Officer

What support is available for students at Butler's Wharf?


24/7 contact available for reception and security.

Weekend support provided by the Sub-Warden team.

Pastoral support from the Subwarden team for academic and personal issues.

Opportunities to join the Hall Committee and organize activities for residents.

Where can I find more information and resources for Butler's Wharf residents?


Check out the Halls Life website for useful information, event updates, and well-being support.

Visit the LSE Student Welcome page for enrollment, learning facilities, and other essential guides.

Follow LSE Residential Life on social media for updates and events.

How can I get in touch with the Halls Team at Butler's Wharf?

Contact the reception team for general inquiries or the Sub-Warden team for pastoral support.

Is there a full-length mirror in the room?


Yes, there is a full-length mirror in the hallway and above the sink in the bathroom.

Some bedrooms may also have mirrors.

What are the policies regarding hosting guests or family in the hall?


Each resident is allowed to invite one guest to stay for up to three nights.

For longer stays, residents should consult with the hall management and notify them in advance.

Are there different room layouts in Butler's Wharf, aside from the single room shown in the video?

Yes, there are twin rooms with two beds in one room, and the majority are single rooms with one bed.

Each flat accommodates six students.

Is there a secure place to store bicycles at Butler's Wharf?

Yes, there is a bike shed in the basement for residents who have registered their bikes. The bike shed is accessible only to registered users.

How often are communal areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, cleaned?


Communal areas, including kitchens, two shower rooms, and two toilets, are cleaned once a week by housekeeping staff.

Residents are responsible for keeping these areas clean between scheduled cleanings.

What is the Wi-Fi network available at Butler's Wharf?

The Wi-Fi network is provided by Eduroam, the same network used across the university, ensuring fast and reliable internet access.

What happens to kitchen utensils and items at the end of the year?

Sustainability is emphasized, and at the end of the year, items are recycled, and donation boxes are available for students to contribute reusable items for the next year's students.

What common facilities are available at Butler's Wharf?

The residence offers a common room with games and leisure facilities, such as foosball and a pool table.

There are two TVs, a computer room with a printer, and a laundry room available for residents' use.

What decorations am I allowed to put up in my room?

Students can decorate their rooms with posters and items that don't damage the walls.

No candles or naked flames are allowed in the rooms.

Who should I contact if I have any questions or concerns?

For general inquiries or reception matters, students can contact Butler's Wharf reception via email or phone.

The contact details for the warden team are also available on-site for additional support.

 Living in halls 

What is the Hall Committee?


The Hall Committee is a group of students who organize activities and events for residents.

They have a budget to fund various events, and all students can get involved.

What extracurricular activities are available to students at LSE?

LSE offers various extracurricular activities, and Student Services can provide support and guidance.

How can I become a member of the Student Union?

All LSE students are automatically members of the Student Union.

Where can I find more information about events and support?

Visit the Halls Life website and follow LSE Residential Life on social media.

How do residents manage food and meals in the shared kitchen?


Each flat has a shared kitchen with two fridges and designated shelves for each resident's food.

Residents should communicate with flatmates about cooking hours to avoid overcrowding.

Residents are advised to wash dishes promptly and avoid leaving dirty items in the kitchen to prevent conflicts.

Are there electrical adapters provided in the rooms, or should I bring my own?

Portable appliance testing (PAT) is conducted for all appliances plugged into sockets during your first time.

Multiple-output adapters may not pass the PAT test, and if they fail, the hall may provide you with one. It is advisable to purchase a compatible adapter to ensure it meets UK standards.

What cleaning supplies are provided in the flats?

Flats are equipped with an ironing board, an iron, a hoover, a dustpan, and a mop.

Can I use streaming services on the provided Wi-Fi network?

Yes, students can use streaming services like Netflix on the Eduroam Wi-Fi network.

How can I stay warm during the winter?

The building's heating system ensures residents are comfortable during the colder months.

Additional blankets can be purchased if desired.

 Living in London 

What is the easiest way to travel from Butler's Wharf to campus?


The easiest ways to travel to campus are either walking or cycling.

Walking takes approximately 40 minutes, and cycling can take around 15 to 20 minutes.

The Elizabeth Line also provides transport from Heathrow Airport to Tower Hill or London Bridge, making it convenient for international students arriving at Heathrow.

Is it safe to walk in the area, especially at night?

Butler's Wharf is located in a safe neighbourhood with plenty of activity day and night.

Residents can expect a safe environment, but it is always essential to take precautions, especially when walking alone late at night.

Are there fitness facilities at Butler's Wharf?

Butler's Wharf does not have fitness facilities on-site.

However, there are local gyms nearby for students who wish to work out.

Are there health checkup facilities at Butler's Wharf?

Butler's Wharf does not have health checkup facilities on-site.

However, there is a medical center on the LSE campus where students can register and seek medical support.