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Knowing your accommodation rights

By ResLifeComms 30 Sep 2022

We will support you in understand your rights whilst living in student accommodation. Including our commitment to good quality accommodation and your responsibilities as a tenant.

The London School of Economics and Political Science is committed to the Student Accommodation Code. The code details a set of standards that our halls of residences must abide by. It also guarantees a certain set of rights and expectations that we must deliver in order to safeguard your best interests. 

The below video provides more information:

What you can expect from us

  • A healthy safe environment - the code ensures that your accommodation is signed up to all the necessary health and safety standards.
  • Timely repairs and maintenance - the university is responsible for ensuring your accommodation and outside areas are in a good condition, making sure you know who to report a problem to and that repairs are carried out quickly.
  • A clean, pleasant living environment - the accommodation should offer good heating, lighting, ventilation and hot water. 
  • A formal contractual relationship with your landlord - you should have a formal contract with your landlord. 
  • Access to health and wellbeing services - living away from home can prove difficult, so your residence will be able to provide information on the support services available to help you feel more at home. 
  • A living environment free from anti-social behaviour - no-one should have to live in an environment where anti-social behaviour is taking place, and your residence should have procedures in place to deal with this. 

What if we are not providing one of these?

As with any such code, it is your right as a resident to hold us accountable and ensure that we are delivering the level of service that is expected and guaranteed by the code. 

This requires you to be aware of the rules and report to us any instances during your stay where you feel we have failed to comply with these rules. This feedback will allow us to ensure that we are running your hall to the level that you have a right to expect from us.

How to find out more information about the code

Your hall teams are aware of the code and have responsibility for complying with each and every one of the code's requirements. You will also see posters in your hall about the code and information on our website which is updated regularly to ensure we comply.

You can visit the Student Accommodation Code website which has more information about the code by entering your university and accommodation details.