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How to do your Laundry: Sanctuary, Unite and Urbanest Halls Edition

By Halls 12 Aug 2022

How to use the laundry room in your hall, top up your laundry account or report a faulty machine.

The machines are provided by Circuit. All the information you need is displayed on posters in the laundry room. 

You have two ways to pay for your laundry

  • Pay by laundry card: reception will be able to hand you a laundry card which you can then top up online. 
  • Pay by the app: The app lets you top up quickly. 

The benefits of using the Circuit mobile app:

  • use PayPal or debit card to top up in seconds
  • works both on Android and Apple smartphones
  • No cash or carrying your top-up card everywhere
  • Simply scan a machine's QR code and select your desired wash programme

Report a faulty machine

If a circuit machine or dryer isn't working, report it online here. Circuit has an online chat and guides. 

Loading the washing machine

It's important that you don't overfill the machine. Your clothes won't wash properly!

Aim for the machine to be roughly 75% full. If you're not sure, do a 'thumbs up' between your clothes and the ceiling of the tub. If you can't, the tub is too full and you should empty a few things.

Temperature: how low should you go?

Washing at a lower temperature can have its benefits: it reduces running costs, helps the environment by saving energy, and preserves colourfully dyed fabrics.

The detergent debate

Washing powder, tablets or liquid? It can be a tricky shopping decision that can leave you scratching your head in the laundry aisle. Circuit recommends you to use biological powder, non-biological powder or liquid. Please do not pour liquid directly onto your clothes as this can damage fabrics - your washing powder should be poured directly into the drum underneath your washing.

Please do not use the following: bleach, colour catchers or fabric softener