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How to avoid setting off a fire alarm

By ResLifeComms 22 Sep 2022

You don't want to be that student who's responsible for everyone standing outside in their pyjamas in the middle of the night, so check out our tips below to live safely in halls. 

Every hall has a fire detection system to provide you with the highest level of fire safety. To ensure everything is functioning correctly, we test your fire alarm once a week. 

a piece of cake on a plate

Tips whilst cooking:

  • Don’t leave food unattended whilst it's cooking or warming
  • Keep your kitchen door closed and open a window for ventilation 
  • Make sure you make use of the cooker hood extractor fan
  • Do not place any metallic items in your microwave e.g. cutlery, aluminium foil, saucepans, bottle tops etc.
    a bedroom with a bed and desk in a room

      Tips in your room:

      • Try not to use hair straighteners directly under the smoke detector in your room and open your window for good ventilation 
      • Avoid using strong aerosols such as hairsprays or deodorants under the smoke detector as this could activate the fire alarm
      • We politely ask that you do not use kettles or irons in your bedroom 

      What to do if you think you've falsely activated the fire alarm:

      If you've got a bit carried away with your hair styling or end up burning some toast and there is no fire risk, please call your reception immediately so that we can investigate and reset the fire alarm. It is important that you do this as soon as possible as the alarms will start sounding throughout your hall within a short period of time.