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Your Hall

Bucket List: Halls Edition

By EllenComms 26 Jan 2023

One aspect of living in halls which is incredibly exciting is all the things you can do with your hall friends given that they live just 30 seconds away! Here's my bucket list of 8 things to do at least once.

  1. Sleepover: Although it is completely unnecessary from a practical point of view, it is a fun idea! Gather all your bedding into one room and hangout with some Netflix, popcorn and drinks.
  2. Board game night: The best way to hang out in a chilled environment.
  3. Club night: The best way to hang out in a more lively environment :p (plus there's safety in numbers coming back to halls!)
  4. Potluck: Cook your favourite dish from home or bring your favourite snack from Tescos! You can never go wrong with food and friends.
  5. Explore the garden: If your halls has an outdoor area, don't forget to explore it and make full use of it, especially in the warmer months!
  6. Surprise your friend with a card or a gift: You know where they live, slide a card under the door or leave some chocolate outside - it's always well received and appreciated.
  7. Go to and from campus together: A no-brainer - get to know your friends better and make your commute to campus less boring!
  8. Go to other halls: Visit other halls and expand your social circles!

Over the course of a year, there's so much you can do to cherish the people and places around you. Enjoy it and make your own memories from these bucket list items!