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The Ultimate Guide to Freshers Uni Supplies

By Halls 07 Aug 2023

The last thing you want to be doing on your first day at university is asking a classmate or lecturer to borrow a pen or pencil, you want to show that you're organised and prepared for your studies. 

We can't pack your bag for you, but we've put together a list of essential study supplies you'll need to get started at university:

  • Pens and pencils - this might be obvious, but when your pen runs out it's always a good idea to have backups.
  • Pencil case - having loose pens in your bag can be a nightmare to find and you don't want any ink to leak on your favourite uni bag, so a pencil case is a must. 
  • Highlighters - whether you're revising or organise your thoughts better by colour-coding your work, you'll probably find that you need these at some point. 
  • Stapler and staples - you don't want to lose any important lecture notes. 
  • Scissors - you never know when you're going to need them! 
  • Folders or ring-binders - keep all of your module work separate and find all of the documents you need in no time. 
  • Printer paper - most of your work and any resources you need will probably be on your laptop or computer so you'll need to use the printer sometimes. 
  • Notebook - you'll need somewhere to record your learning and during those quiet lectures it might be easier to jot notes down on paper than typing loudly on a laptop. 
  • Diary - are you the type of person who loses track of the days? A diary is a great place to note down the time of lectures and seminars, any deadlines and organise your plans. 
  • Post-it notes - you can use these to set yourself reminders, write down important contact details and make notes on specific pages in textbooks.
  • Calculator - for solving those difficult maths problems, calculating your budget for the month and working out student discounts. 
  • Course textbooks - if you know what textbooks you'll need before you arrive, you can get a head start and lighten the workload. 
  • Large bag - this is a no-brainer, what are you going to keep all of your stuff in?!
  • Water bottle - staying hydrated is very important during the day, especially to keep you working at full speed. You can fill up your water bottle whenever you need to with our water fountains spread across campus. 
  • Reusable hot drink cup - not only will you be helping the planet, but you can also enjoy a cuppa on the way into uni. 

Now you're ready to go!